Atlanta WordPress Developer

Great design is only part of what makes a website stand out, it’s also vital your website works perfectly. I use a combination of proven development techniques and custom coding to give your website the functionality it needs. Because your website is built on WordPress, it’s easy to extend your site with plugins and tools. I’ll install apps and plugins to lift your site above your competitors and give you a unique advantage.


Content management system

Content is king, and updating your website content should be quick, easy, and efficient. I build most websites on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular “Content Management System” in the world, and powers millions of high ­profile websites. WordPress makes it easy to add effective content, images, media, and more to your website, improving its visibility in the search engines.

WordPress has thousands of proven tools, plugins, and more available, which makes it easy to tweak your site to your exact requirements. Contact me today to find out how.


Responsive web development

Your website isn’t finished when we publish it. I work with you long after your website is launched, tweaking, and refining it to make it as effective as possible. I use tools like Google Analytics to find out exactly how your visitors are using your site.

I combine this insight with analysis and testing to make your visitor’s journeys as effective as possible, increase engagement, and getting people to the pages you need.