Atlanta Website Maintenance

My website maintenance services keep everything up and running. I’ll maintain and update all of your website software, integrations, platforms, plugins and databases, for your peace­-of-­mind. I’ll also monitor the availability of your website and make sure its online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Maintenance helps to keep your website fast and responsive, improves the experience for your users, and can improve your position in search results. Contact me today to find out more.


Regular backups

You know how important it is to keep good backups of all your business data, and your website is no exception. I take full backups of your website on a regular basis. If your website goes down, I can get it up and running again quickly, with minimal interruption. I can schedule backups based on your needs, and can create full or incremental backups of your vital data.


Atlanta website migration

If you’re moving from one website platform to another, I can help. I specialize in WordPress, and have experience with a number of other platforms. I’ll review your old website and create a plan to seamlessly move it onto the WordPress platform.

Once it’s on WordPress, you’ll have access to all the latest tools and plugins to get the most out of the new platform. Contact me and find out how I can help you move your website.